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Commercial Courses

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How to Promote your Business Online Workshop W-0010 Certified Technical-Desktop Applications I-0100
How to Promote your Business Online Workshop (online) O-0011 ITIL- Industry Standards & Practices I-0130
Using Facebook for Business I-0020 Skype for Business I-0160
Using Facebook for Business (online) O-0020 A+ Hardware Certification I-0165
Using Twitter for Business I-0030 Reading Financial Reports O-0211
Using Twitter for Business (online) O-0030 Online Advertising I-0170
Using Pinterest for Business I-0040 Business Process Excellence I-0200
Using Pinterest for Business (online) O-0040 Accounting for the small business owner I-0210
WordPress for Business I-0050 Business Analysis I-0220
WordPress for Business (Online) O-0050 Project Management I-0230
Linked in for Business I-0060 Entrepreneurial & Leadership Skills I-0240
Linked in for Business (Online) O-0060 Train-the-Trainer I-0300
Network + I-0166
Security + I-0167
Server + I-0168

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