Our Mission

To empower and equip Small Office Home Office (SOHOBusiness Owners and Entrepreneurs  locally and globally to create their own profitable business and lifestyle to enable them to have the impact on their community and the world that they were created to have.

Barbi and Wolf

Having successfully owned and managed eight businesses, They make building a business simple and achievable. Working exclusively with entrepreneurs who are ready to stop “wishing and dreaming” and start DOING.

Their life’s  philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘getting things done’, and with this in mind they want to empower these entrepreneurs to build profitable lifestyle businesses by “helping them getting things done together”.

Through the power of “Social” and “Digital” marketing, they equip business people to embrace the act of Doing once more with their Live “Doing Workshop”, and in-depth training sessions.

With more entrepreneurs than ever before, they believe the entrepreneurial adventure is truly a “hero’s journey” and is working to foster a community of entrepreneurs who are active do-ers helping each other succeed.

After streamlining and automating their online businesses, they have settled to their favourite part of British Columbia, the peninsula of Vancouver Island, where they live a lifestyle dream together!

What they do:

The “Academy of Doing” a division of FreedomShaper (2007) that was established in 2016 by both Barbi and Wolf Holzmann to support their Mission to empower their clients with the best advice, service and training possible.

With over 30 years of combined Information technology (IT) experience, both Barbi and Wolf have long been catering to major Corporations in the private and Government sector to consult, recommend training, train staff in many different and diverse fields. They have started and sold two major IT training companies one in South Africa and the other Canada, and have expertise in Business startup’s, computer consulting, sales and project management.

They believe that effective consulting and training is all about the people – primarily the qualities of their staff and the relationship they build with you their customer.  The “Academy of Doing” employs only experts in the training, design and implementation of online advertising fields. They also have access through a network of associates with expertise in many other online and training fields.

No matter how good your team, it is sometimes easy to miss key challenges and opportunities. A “second pair of eyes”, with extensive experience in planning, design and implementation of locational information systems, can often have a short ROI, through insightful analysis, advice, tutoring and mentoring. We are passionate about equipping you with the knowledge and tools to boost your online presence and gain more customers.

Advertising Consulting:

With experience of delivering advertising in challenging business environments for our SOHO (Small Office Home Office) customers, our consultants are expert at identifying tangible benefits derived from practical changes in key components of your advertising. They have specialists in Online Advertising, Online Advertising strategies, key word market research and business process transformation as part of their team.

Technical Consultancy:

They specialize only in those areas where we can add real value, helping you avoid costly pitfalls and ensuring technical solutions are well designed and implemented. Their many years of experience can cut through needless jargon to define strategies and processes at attractive costs that both managers and or technical staff can buy into.

Their approach will be tailored to your needs – they are equally happy to help with short initial review assignments or more in-depth analyses. Without the overheads of larger business consultancies, they are able to deliver exceptional value for money on either a time limited or fixed fee basis.